HERA NEWS: HERA recognises special requests now

From now on, HERA recognises when a guest has a special room request, e.g. room with sea view or a special package.
An example:

HERA request for special amenities
sample request

HERA detects Champagne, sea view and the dog. She filters the room types and rates and automatically suggests the matching offers in the add-in.

This saves you a lot of time when creating and sending offers to your guests.

HERA Add-In offer selection
HERA add-in

To activate this new function, you just create the respective features for each room type and rate.

Please login to the intranet, select ‘Rooms’ and ‘Rates’ and simply click on the amenities in the ‘Configuration Sheet’.

HERA intranet

Currently only a few amenities have been created, if you need more  please send a message to cs@hotelresbot.com and tell us which ones you would like us to create.

That’s all!

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