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Read incoming emails in many languages.  Even better, you can send offers automatically in the guest's own language.

Get a handle on conversion with a detailed reports.

We know you are busy serving guests.  That's why we made sure that setup is a snap.  Answer a couple of questions and our team does the rest.

Unlike reservation departments, Hera never takes a break.  She is available 24 hours a day and 365 days a year.

Every Email follows your brand standard exactly.  No need for expensive quality audits.

Purpose build with hotels in mind.  Hera is designed to help hotels automatically answer the flood of email booking requests.  Despite the success of online booking engines, many guests still prefer to send an email.

Why You Will Love Hera

Start Getting More From Emails

Email & Conversion Tracking

Multi Language

 Easy Setup

Guests Love Hera Too

Guest get attractive offers - immediately.

Increase Revenue

Save Staff Costs

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Self setup - send rate via report per email or extranet

Self Setup for HTML & A/B Testing

Automated Personalized Offer Emails & Booking

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Best In Class

Do you know today how long it takes for a reservation request to be answered today?  Although emails account for up to nearly 25% of a typical hotel, the process is largely not analysed because of missing data.

The most accurate email parsing for hospitality.

Made For Hotels & Accommodation Providers

Focussed On Reservations

Don't get confused with making a general purpose bot.  Solve the biggest problems.

Integrated & Conected

Optionally connect to your PMS, CRS or Channel Manager for dynamic rates and availability and automated reservation delivery.

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Fully Automated Personalized Offer Emails

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€1500 plus statutory VAT
One time Setup Fee



No interface needed; send rates via report per email

A/B Testing with your Success Manager

Automated Personalized Offer Emails & Booking

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Reply To Email Requests  

Hera, Your Hotel Reservation Bot, scans your incoming emails and sends available offers before your resevation agents even see the email.


Reduce staff costs by elimating menial tasks that can be automated today.

Increase your conversion by getting an offer to potential guests when they ask for it, not when the reservation agents get to it.

The needs of hotels are unique and standard solution don't work very well.  We bridge the gap by adapting best in class tools to hotel specific needs. 

Conversational Commerce

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Meet Our Founder

Brendan May

"Reservation agents hate answering emails.  As a result, the quality of the answer is a catastrophe.  We owe it to the guests who prefer emails to do better."

Industry Reception

Rainer Lagemann

"To be honest I am amazed that it works.  It seems like magic.!  

Nicole Piefrement

"I have been interested in conversational commerce for a while, but hotel reservation bot makes it easy.

Anton Hell

"Basic email parsing has been around for a while, but this is the first solution I have seen really fitting the needs or a hotel.

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