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HERA understands over 150 different languages.  Some better than others.

Know your conversion with a detailed reports.

We know you are busier now more than ever.  That's why we made sure that setup is a snap.  Answer a couple of questions in an online form and our team does the rest.

The Booker receives an emotionally appealing offer and confirms by entering their credit card number for Guarantee or payment on a secure page.

Easy as 1, 2, 3 

Personal Replies to Inbound Emails

Get More From Emails

Email & Conversion Tracking

Multi Language

 Simple Online Setup

Guests Love HERA Too

Personalized Offers

Emotionally appealing offers with pictures and description

All relevant offer info (cancellation Policy, room description)

Secure method for Credit Card Guarantee or Payment

Clear Answers to questions

1.HERA Checks the Availability For You

2. You Add the Personal Touch

3. Beautiful Personal Offers






per property / month plus statutory VAT


no setup fee


Corona Subscription

Supported Emails:
General Enquiries / Questions
- Voucher instead of a refund
- Cancel via OTA
- Cancel via IBE

Supported Email Clients:
Microsoft Outlook
Gmail / GSuite

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No Integration Required:
Send Refund Voucher / Credit for Future Stay (instead of refunding cash for prepaid booking)

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per property / month plus statutory VAT


Connected to your PMS or Custom:
Rates and availability checked in your PMS.  Bookings are completed on a customized page provided by us and sent to your PMS via an interface: Protel (OnPrem & Air), Opera, Suite8 and many more

Advanced Features:
Fully Customized Booking Page
integrated with your payment service provider

Supported Email Clients:
Microsoft Outlook
Gmail / GSuite
/ Google Workspace
Trengo / Freshdesk






per property / month plus statutory VAT


plus a one-time setup fee


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Supported Email Clients:
Microsoft Outlook
Gmail / GSuite / Google Workspace
Trengo / Freshdesk

Supported Emails:
General Enquiries / Questions
All Cancellations
Send Offers (Individual)
Create Reservation directly from Email Client
Modify Reservation directly from Email Client

Connected to your Booking Engine:
Rates and availability checked on your booking engine.  Bookings are completed on your booking engine: BusyRooms, TravelClick, Windsurfer, D'EDGE, The Booking Button, Hotel Net Solutions, Simplex, OpenTable (Restaurants) and any booking engine supporting deep linking to the checkout page.

Want Help Replying to Emails?

HERA, Your Hotel Email Reservation Assistant, helps hotel and restaurant reservation agents answer inbound Emails.  Send emotionally powerful emails in half the time.


The Reservation Agent edits or writes an optional personal note and selects the best Room and Rate options to send to the guest.

HERA reads the inbound email and automatically checks the available rooms and rates.

Meet Our Founders

Brendan May

"In this age of competition for staff, hotels can no longer afford to make people do boring repetitive tasks.

The staff will just go somewhere else."

Industry Reception

Rainer Lagemann

"To be honest I am amazed that it works.  It seems like magic.!  

Nicole Piefrement

"I have been interested in conversational commerce for a while, but hotel reservation bot makes it easy.

Anton Hell

"Basic email parsing has been around for a while, but this is the first solution I have seen really fitting the needs or a hotel.

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Check Availability Without Leaving Outlook*

Checking the availability and price, as well as putting together the offer takes the most amount of work.  Let HERA do these repetitive tasks for you, while you maintain the relationship.

Want To Try HERA as a Guest?

Just write an email requesting a booking to

HERA was created with the help of Hotel Reservation Agents to do the boring and repetitive part of reservations.  So you don't have to.

* Or Gmail / Gsuite, MS Dynamics, IBM Lotus Notes

Collect Credit Cards Securely

Stop asking guests to send credit card details per Email.  Sending credit card information per email is dangerous and you risk losing losing your credit card terminal.  HERA gives you 3 secure and PCI-DSS compliant options.

Use our payment services partner (Stripe, Adeyen, Nexi)

Finish the booking via the checkout page of your booking engine (TravelClick, SynXis, Hotel Nets Solutions and any other Booking engine that supports passing room and rate types via the URL).

Use your own Payment Services provider (Concardis etc.)

Install the HERA Outlook Add-om

Get the free HERA Chrome Extention for Gmail from the Chrome Web Store

Install the HERA Chrome Extension for Gmail

To use the add-in, you need to select a subscription below.

Our clients ask that you kindly refrain from sending them test emails.  This not only can cause extra work, but also negatively impacts conversion statistics.  If you would like to see how HERA works as a guest, please write an email to  Thanks for your understanding.

Answer Frequently Asked Questions

HERA automatically proposes the answer for you to edit or accept as is.

Made For Hotels

Send Beautiful Individual or Group Offers that convert

HERA automatically reads the email and checks available rates while you personalize the message and select the best options for your guest.  HERA packages it up in a beautiful Email and provides a GDPR and PCI-DSS compliant way to collect the guest's credit card details.  You can also use HERA to send offers to people who call you. 

Create, Modify or Cancel Reservations directly from Outlook (or other email client) 

For guests that don't need an offer, HERA can create the reservation for your in the PMS, CRS or Channel Manager and send or trigger a confirmation.  This is especially useful for local corporates that just expect a confirmation email.

Handle Reservation Notifications from Partners in Record time

We know it's super annoying to enter reservations into the PMS for every partner booking.  With HERA's Email reading capability she helps you push these reservations into the PMS in record time.    

Speak to a Solution Expert

Trusted by Hotels

I feel so much more comfortable knowing that we have a safe way to collect credit cards for Guarantee.  I knew that asking guests to send the card details per E-mail was not allowed, but until we started with HERA, there was just no other way.

Client since 2019

I'm a Server and have never worked in Reservations.  Because of Corona, I needed help out.  I was really scared - especially because my German is not perfect.  The add-in makes it so much easier E-Mails.

Client since 2020

We love our colleague HERA.  I have to admit - I really doubted her in the beginning.  But, it has been really fun to watch her improve. By now she is reading really complicated Group requests that I need to read twice to understand.

Client since 2018

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